I was retraumatized by my school after reporting sexual assault. DeVos wants every student survivor to go through the same.

“I thought that after being the victim of a crime, there would be proper channels for justice and retribution for me, but I’ve learned that is often not the case when it comes to sexual assault.”

“They backed my assailant’s complaint of retaliation while at the same time treating my initial sexual assault complaint with little regard.”

“In addition to the fear that already makes survivors reluctant to come forward, students from kindergarten through graduate school will now face a process where the odds are immediately stacked against them.”

Art by Isha Khanzode

“I found Equal Rights Advocates, who became my backbone throughout the rest of the first investigation and through all of the second investigation.”

We are civil rights champions, fighting since 1974 to expand and protect the opportunities of all women and girls.

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