Reform Is Not Enough: Police Accountability & Radical Change

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“State-sanctioned racist violent policing is part of the same systems of oppression that sanction sexual violence against women of color in workplaces and schools across our country.”

As Black and Brown communities have been saying for centuries, America’s policing, criminal punishment system, and prison industrial complex are rooted in racist attempts to continue our country’s legacy of slavery, oppression, and segregation. These systems cause daily, life-long, and intergenerational harm to people of color — especially Black women, men, and nonbinary people — their families, and communities.

  1. Eliminating qualified immunity. Every police officer must be held accountable for their actions. We must also end qualified immunity for government officials and school officials.
  2. Reallocating funds away from the over-policing of Black and Brown people and toward programs that contribute to economic, gender, and racial justice for Black and Brown families and communities, i.e. funneling money away from police and toward schools, health and social service programs, affordable housing and child care options, and food assistance programs.
  3. Exploring radical solutions to fundamentally change our country’s deeply racist way of policing, as well as the criminal punishment system and prison industrial complex. These solutions should offer true healing, safety, and justice to those who’ve been harmed, while increasing investment in public and community programs, policies, and practices that effectively address and prevent poverty, homelessness, domestic and sexual violence, violence based on gender identity, gun violence, mental health, and addiction.

We are civil rights champions, fighting since 1974 to expand and protect the opportunities of all women and girls.

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