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Equal Rights Advocates
2 min readDec 16, 2020

Virginia’s Story

“I found a team that believed in me & encouraged me to find out how strong I really am.”

After surviving sexual assault in high school, Virginia experienced further harm when her school mishandled her case. So she worked with Equal Rights Advocates to seek healing and justice. Not only did Virginia reclaim her story, but her lawsuit with ERA also required Sacramento School District to rewrite its policies on sexual assault and harassment with ERA’s guidance, impacting 49,000 students.

Support student survivors like Virginia.

Candice’s Story

“I was mistreated at work while pregnant. ERA helped me advocate for myself & my son.”

Like many who experience pregnancy discrimination, supervisors put airport security worker Candice Branner’s health at risk when they denied her request for doctor-ordered basic workplace accommodations, such as short sitting breaks. Partnering with Equal Rights Advocates, Candice filed a lawsuit that ended up creating positive change at her company for potentially thousands of workers.

Support free legal services for workers like Candice.

Rebecca’s Story

I’m a survivor & a pro bono attorney with ERA. My purpose is to validate survivors.

Rebecca Berry is an attorney and activist who provides free legal help to student survivors of sexual violence in her spare time through Equal Rights Advocates’ ENOUGH pro bono program. Rebecca, a survivor of sexual assault herself, empowers her clients to reclaim their stories, discover their innate strength, and find healing through community with other survivors.

Support free legal services for survivors by donating to ERA’s ENOUGH program.



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