What is Hazard Pay, and Why Do We Need It During COVID-19?

What is hazard pay?

When and where are these being proposed?

There is one obvious gap in these hazard pay plans. Undocumented immigrants who serve as frontline workers have been left out of government aid and economic relief plans.

Who do these plans cover?

What does this tell us about COVID-19 relief and how communities are being cared for in the time of crisis? In other words, who is being left out?

Take Action! SB 1257: Health & Safety for Domestic Workers

Where do we go from here?

  • AB 2999, which guarantees 10 days of job-protected bereavement leave for employees, ensuring security for workers whose family is directly impacted by COVID
  • AB 3216, which makes leave easier to access during an emergency and provides a right of recall and retention for workers who have been laid off in the heavily COVID-impacted industries;
  • SB 1257, which would eliminate the exclusion of domestic workers in California’s OSHA (Occupational Safety & Hazard Act) to guarantee safety protections for all domestic workers during current and future health crises;
  • SB 1383 ensures that all working Californians can receive Paid Family Leave, a 100% worker funded benefit, to care for themselves, a new child, or a seriously ill family member without fear of losing their job.



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