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The year 2020 was unprecedented in its demand for courage, compassion, and a bold revisioning of the unjust systems that affect all of us. We saw with devastating clarity cracks in our health system, racist power structures on display, dangers to our democracy, and risks to low paid workers who have always been essential to our economy. The mandate to address gender, racial, and economic injustice at the heart of this perfect storm was never more dire.

This year proved that when we join forces — in all our diversity of experiences and collective power — to demand change in the name of equity, nothing can stop us. Our movement is powerful because it is made up of activists, attorneys, low-paid workers, students, immigrant families, survivors of sexual violence, nonbinary and trans advocates, BIPOC people, mothers and grandmothers, male allies, and many others. Our strength grows with our diversity. …


Equal Rights Advocates

We are civil rights champions, fighting since 1974 to expand and protect the opportunities of all women and girls.

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